Students, Art and Van Gogh

  • Students started by discussing art and what makes ‘good’ art.
  • Students then learnt about Vincent Van Gogh and different artistic styles.
  • They produced post-impressionist, cubist and realistic paintings of landscapes and still-life works.
  • In English, students learnt about the language and organisational features of review texts through writing reviews of visual art products.
  • Students went on an excursion to the Art Gallery of South Australia to make ‘real world’ connections.

Van Gogh



Vocabulary Word Wall: Art vocabulary with pictures

Is this art? These are the pictures I showed students at the start of the unit. I asked them to decide, with a partner, which pictures were ‘art’. These artworks are from the Art Gallery of South Australia, where we visited at the end of the topic.

How to look at art by the Art Gallery of South Australia

Art work samples for students to respond to and analyse . This resource includes artwork from different countries, different artistic styles, and different artistic mediums.

Click here for hooks/stimulus for engaging students in art

Click here for a range of artists to introduce to students

Click here for resources and ideas for teaching about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

More resources 

Art Theory Test

Why look at art?

Lots of art resources, including: lessons, art history, art techniques and more. Good resources for both confident and beginner art teachers:

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