Combining History and STEM


  • History: Exploring old and new technologies and explaining how they have changed. Creating a timeline of technologies. Create a list of the top 5 technologies of all time and justifying the order.
  • Science: Exploring the properties of materials used for technologies
  • Engagement: Throughout this unit of work the classroom had a ‘Technology Table’ where students could explore technologies such as a record player and typewriter.
  • STEM: identify the need or problem that both past and present technologies address. Transition from learning about old technologies to future technologies where students can learn about coding and create their own digital products using the Engineering Design Process.
  • Maths: use of measurement and operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) throughout the coding process.




Pictures of technologies to order on a timeline. This could be used as a prior knowledge activity or students could research when the technology was invented.

Primary Connections Resources: available free via Scootle for teachers in Australia: Chemical Science: Yr 4 material_world

Scientific Inquiry Resources 

Coding resources and videos.

How to make STEM connections 




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