Chemical Science Exploration!

  • Scientific Vocabulary
  • Procedure writing for creating slime (cornflour, water and food colouring)
  • Experiments
  • Recording observations
  • Comparing chemical reactions. Add water and bicarb soda. Add vinegar and bicarb soda. Observe different reactions.


Primary Connections: science lessons & resources

These resources are available for free, for teachers in Australian schools via the Scootle website. Click the resource, to be directed to the resource on the Scootle website. 

If you are not a teacher in an Australian school, the resources can be purchased from this website: . Here are two resources which are freely available as a PDF for everyone: Biological Science: Yr 4, friends_or_foes ; Biological Science: Yr 6 marvellous_organisms

Chemical Science: Yr 3 Melting_moments

Chemical Science: Yr 4 material_world

Chemical Science: Yr 4 package_it_better

Chemical Science: Yr 5 whats_the_matter


Earth and Space: Yr 3 night_and_day

Earth and Space Science: Yr 4 Beneath_our_feet_

Earth and Space Science: Yr 5 Earths_place_in_space

Earth and Space Science: Yr 6 Earthquake_explorers 


Physical Science: Yr 2 push_pull

Physical Science Year 3 heating_up

Physical Science: Yr 4 Smooth_moves

Physical Science Yr 5 light_shows

Physical Sciences: Yr 6 Essential_energy

Physical Science: Yr 6 its_electrifying


Biological Science: Yr 3 Feathers_fur_or_leaves

Biological Science: Yr 4, friends_or_foes

Biological Science: Yr 4 plants_in_action

Biological Science: Yr 5 desert_survivors

Biological Science: Yr 6 marvellous_organisms



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