Adaptations and Biomimicry

  • Literacy: information reports on animals. This could be presented as an oral presentation or students could make an information report book.
  • Science: adaptations (describe relationships that assist the survival of living things; analyse how the form of living things enables them to function in their environments.)
  • STEM: follow the engineering design process to design a technology based on an animal adaptation (biomimicry): identify a need; research; develop possible solutions; select a promising solution; create; test/evaluation; redesign as needed.


Introduce adaptations as features or characteristics of plants or animals that help them to survive in their environment.

Watch the following video about frogs and discuss the adaptations described in the video. Students could do a labelled diagram of a frog to identify adaptations. Video reference:!/media/2519447/all-about-frogs

Types of adaptations


Bird Beak Adaptations

Resource: Bird beak types



Websites students could use to research examples of biomimicry. 


STEM Biomimicry lesson plans


Engineering Design Process for students to follow, to create their own technology inspired by nature.

engineering process



Animal Oral Presentation Rubric 

Biomimicry Assessment Rubric

Live animal hire and biology science kits in Adelaide:

Primary Connections Resources: available free via Scootle for teachers in Australia

Biomimicry Teacher Resources: Resource 1Resource 2


Cross-curriculum connections and student engagement 

Students researched an animal and created a collage of their habitat. 

Science Kits 


Class Pets 


Oral Presentation- Class set-up, Self Reflection and PowerPoint Example 

copy pic powerpoint animal

Click here to see more examples of STEM units which use the engineering design process. 

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