Adaptations and Biomimicry

  • Literacy: information reports on animals. Students’ final report was presented as an oral presentation.
  • Science: adaptations (describe relationships that assist the survival of living things; analyse how the form of living things enables them to function in their environments.)
  • STEM: follow the engineering design process to design a technology based on an animal adaptation (biomimicry): identify a need; research; develop possible solutions; select a promising solution; create; test/evaluation; redesign as needed.

Students researched an animal and created a collage of their habitat. 

Science Kits 


Class Pets 


About Biomimicry 


Biomimicry examples:


Oral Presentation- Class set-up, Self Reflection and PowerPoint Example 

copy pic powerpoint animal


Animal Oral Presentation Rubric 

Biomimicry Assessment Rubric

Live animal hire and biology science kits in Adelaide:

Primary Connections Resources: available free via Scootle for teachers in Australia

Biomimicry Teacher Resources: Resource 1Resource 2


Click here to see more examples of STEM units which use the engineering design process. 


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