Classroom Displays for Students by Students

My classroom displays are always co-constructed with students. This student participation in displays comes in three categories:

  1. Student work on display
  2. Student brainstorm
  3. Content displays

I aim for my displays to be used by students and to support a sense of belonging to the class and school community.


Student Work on Display 

I make an effort to display student work so they can take pride in the work they have created and take ownership of the learning and classroom.



Student Brainstorm

Students brainstorm questions, prior knowledge, create on-going vocabulary lists or add to a “what we’ve learnt” wall. These displays show a record of the learning process, and also display topic/theme relevant word lists which support student learning.  These displays are not the perfect laminated displays, but I find these displays are highly utilised by students.

Content Displays 

These displays are the ones that I generally laminate, which provide reminders about content such as conjunctions or skills such as the problem solving process. These displays are still constructed with students. Students get a copy of the display content, and will work in pairs to match the content, eg. art vocabulary is matched to the definition of that word and a picture representation. Students then share their answers, and as each student shares one answer, they put it up on the display.


I hope you will be inspired by some of my displays. Please comment and share some of your classroom display ideas! 



Art Vocabulary with Pictures 

6 S Strategy Questions and Pictures

Warm and Cool Comments: display posters

Display Lettering:


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